Since a young age, Laurens Pattikawa, now known as DJ SIMIA was always interested in music. He first came in contact with House music when he was just a teenager. He was immediately captivated and wanted to pursue a career in the Dance industry.


He started to 'make' music in an early version of Magix music maker, where he arranged pre-fabricated loops to create his own beats. Seeing that he was limited within his production tools, he decided to switch to Fruity Loops. He watched many tutorials on YouTube, trying to learn how to produce electronic music. At the time, he did not have a particular style. Whatever came in mind, he produced. An interest in Tech-house music however was always present.


After Fruity Loops, Laurens came across a program called Virtual DJ. He started to create Dirty House (Dirty Dutch) mixtapes using only his mouse. After a few weeks of practice he decided to upload a first mixtape to YouTube and see what the responses were. It got quite a lot of views (21k) and positive reactions and this became the motive to become a DJ. He named himself DJ L.A.P and kept uploading mixtapes for quite some time, gaining positive reactions along the way.


After high school SIMIA initially did not know what study to follow. After one of his best friends introduced him to the SAE Institute in Rotterdam, he was immediately sold. He first followed an audio engineering course giving him the fundamental knowledge about everything important there is to know in several creative media industries. Secondly he followed a bachelor of audio production course, at which he acquired his academic skills. For his studies at the SAE Institute, it was mandatory to buy the Digital Audio Workstation Logic. Doing a great deal of assignments, he quickly learned how to produce, mix, master and design audio in Logic. During these assignments he developed more interest in the tech-house scene. He started producing and DJ'ing tech-house tracks and noticed his own productions became more professional.


After completing both studies, SIMIA could finally fully focus on his DJ career. He turned away from every other genre he had produced and performed and furthermore developed a taste and his skills in tech-house music. He currently is a resident DJ for the 'House voor Saus' and 'Turntable Thursday' parties in Rotterdam, entertaining people with his finest house, tech-house & sometimes techno tunes. He already played alongside DJ Erick E (Erick Eerdhuizen, Virgil, Quinten De Rozario, Jeroenski, Ketting, Juiced, Kadraphonic, Hollt, Arthysoul, NONAME@ALL and many more.


Besides DJ'ing he is also producing original tracks, which you can find on e.g. Spotify & Beatport.